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RizeUp Youth Enrichment Support Services (YESS)

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The RizeUp Youth Enrichment Support Services (YESS) provides economic relief and practical assistance for kids needing to relocate schools to escape domestic violence situations.


Recognising that a child’s world is turned upside down, often quickly and with very few possessions, these support packages create a smoother transition into a new environment, providing resources for uniforms, stationery packs, books and fees, as well as other educational needs such as camps, incursions and excursions.



To create a brand and ongoing campaign that raises funds for YESS throughout the year, but also has the flexibility to focus on specific events e.g Christmas. The guidelines needed to be clear and concise as they are implemented by numerous volunteers across a number of allied services throughout Queensland and NSW. The campaign needed to fit in with the RizeUp branding, but have a youthful appeal and show the energy and positive attitude of the organisation. 


Brand Guide – Clear and concise for volunteers to follow
Starting set social media, including illustrations


Limited resources and time to being a community-driven not for profit organisation.

Helping children reach their full potential

RizeUp Australia provides much-needed services in an area no one really likes to acknowledge – domestic violence. While their work is often done under the cover of secrecy, their messaging can’t be.

At a macro level, RizeUp’s purpose is to reduce the incidence of domestic violence in Australia. At a practical level, they support families by helping them on their journey from violence to safety. The not-for-profit, and the specialist services they support, provide fast, flexible solutions to women and children in desperate situations. Over the years, they’ve developed processes and policies that underpin an effective, safe and practical response across a network of over 250 volunteers.


When great ideas are hampered by unrealistic deadlines

Burning Love Creative began working with RizeUp in 2014 and in 2016 I became the National Brand Manager for the organisation. Over the years, CEO Nicolle Edwards and I have worked closely together to branding and campaign materials that will make an impact. Nicolle works tirelessly to create programs and systems that effect real change. But deadlines, inspiration and project delivery don’t always share the same timeline.

On May 20, 2019 I received a brief about a new initiative RizeUp wanted to introduce to coincide with International Children’s Day on June 1. For kids, changing schools at any time is hard. But when there’s the emotional impact of leaving trauma behind, a smooth transition into a new environment is so very important. And children should not stand out because of a lack of resources.

The program would raise money to support children’s educational needs including school uniforms, books and fees, stationery packs and other school activities including camps, incursions and excursions.


Great relationships allow creatives time and space to create

Ten days to develop a brand and campaign strategy isn’t long.

While we had direction on what the program was to include, we needed to find a name that would be both memorable without being cheesy and have longevity without being boring.

The plan to launch on International Children’s Day was inspiring. Unfortunately, the creative for the campaign wasn’t.

After brainstorming to find our first concepts, they were rejected when we started researching and found negative media around charities with similar names. Subsequent ideas were discarded when we couldn’t purchases business names, URLs or have all social media tags.

It was at this point I needed to discuss the project delivery date. Do we push forward with the date and produce something below our usual standard? Or do we do it properly from the beginning and have maximum impact?

Having very open relationship with the RizeUp team made the conversation easier. It meant we could honestly assess the pros and cons of trying to produce something to fit a date, or look at the bigger picture and the brand as a whole.

Once we agreed to forgo the original 1 June launch date to focus on a quality delivery, everything seemed to fall into place. Within a week, we had a name that was a variation of our original idea – YESS (Youth Enrichment Support Services) was borne.

From there BLS could create a logo and imagery that:

  • Included children of all races
  • Used a centralised map of Australia and New Zealand
  • Was in line with the existing RizeUp branding, but have a youthful appeal
  • Was attention grabbing
  • Was simple to reproduce for the volunteers across the organisations
  • Promoted positivity and moving forward

The logo design, hand drawn illustrations and bright, eye-catching colour selections met the brief so they would stand out across socials and in posters.

youth-enrichment-support-solutions-stationary- facebook cover

The power of YESS!

Even before we had finished the concepts, word was out that RizeUp was helping in this space and the requests for assistance started coming in fast.

By September we knew we could leverage the YESS! Program to target specific dates and we began formulating the Christmas Gift Guide.


Working within the space of domestic and family violence our ability to pivot to meet the ever changing, dynamic and diverse needs of families in crisis is vital. Having talented professionals such a Lisa Galea on hand to support and develop the vision and branding of the organisation has been integral to our success.
The RizeUp school’s program has recently undergone a rigorous makeover – our brief to Lisa was for something lively, youthful and positive and it was with no surprise that Lisa surpassed our expectations and delivered the revised Youth Enrichment Support Solutions campaign. The colourful little characters jumped from the page and encapsulated the vibrancy and excitement of learning.
I love working with Lisa, I appreciate the time and effort she puts into helping the work we do to walk alongside the most vulnerable in our community. Lisa is a tremendous advocate and she has played a vital part in helping RizeUp shine a light for families to follow as they leave a life of violence behind.
Nicolle Edwards

CEO, RizeUp Australia

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